Code Php Search Data With Dynamic Keyword

Yesterday I had a project and am having difficulty to find data in my website.
I suppose having the phrase "Galvaccino Moccaee", this data I can keyword search for "vac mocc". where the word "vac" exists between the word I was looking at the data, then the word "mocc" are on the second word in my data.
Such a search is broken because if we forget the name of the data or only remembera few letters only.
I have a php code for a search as I described above. This code is quite simple:

      $arrayKata=explode(" ",$key);
               @$hasil.="LOWER($namaField) LIKE '%$Kata%' OR ";
         $SQL.=" WHERE $hasil";
$result=mysql_query("select * from menu where menu_name like '%$Kata%'");}
Just change your table name and field name.
I hope this article helpful. use the code to your search to be more dynamic

Delete Data with AJAX and JQuery without Refresh Page

When has the data that should be removed from the website, usually refresh the pageor call another page and then redirect to a page early. Below I will explain how toremove data without refresh the page and have a bit animated when data is erased.
Simplycdesign Demodelete

Developing Organizational Objectives and Formulating Strategies

Development goals

ObjectivesobjectivesWhat organizations want to accomplish (outcomes) in a given period of time. are what organizations want to take the final result we want to achieve in a given period of time. Besides being accomplished within a certain period, the goals must be realistic (possible) and be measurable, if possible. "To increase sales by 2 percent by the end of the year" is an example of a goal of an organization can develop. You probably already set goals for yourself that you want to achieve in a given period of time. For example, your goals may be to maintain a grade point average and work experience or an internship before graduating.

Objectives help guide and motivate employees of a company and give their points of reference for managers in evaluating the company's marketing activities. Although many organizations publish their mission statements, most for-profit companies, does not publish its objectives. Achievements at every level of organization helped PepsiCo meet its corporate objectives over the past year. PepsiCo business units (divisions) have increased the number of its facilities to grow their brands and enter new markets. PepsiCo's beverage and snack units gained market share through the development of healthier products and products that are more convenient to use.

Profitable business

Values are guidelines to act or act that comes from within ourselves, in the form of the principles of how to live and make decisions.Value, was first introduced by parents in childhood and then supplemented by teachers, religious beliefs, friends and social environment. Spiritual values, is now a foundation of individual behavior that is very important. Why is it important to know the values of an individual? Although it does not have a direct impact on behavior, values strongly influence the attitudes one. So knowledge about the value system an individual can give insight into the attitude-attitude.

With hem-known that different people value, managers can use the Rokeach Value Survey, which divides the values into two groups, namely the value of the instruments and the objectives that can be used to assess potential employees and determine whether their values align with the dominant values of organization. Performance and satisfaction of an employee will most likely be more mengaggap very important, imagination, skinfold hanging, and freedom will most likely be a bad fit value with an organization that seek compliance from its employees. The managers will be more likely mengahargai, with a positive rate, and share benefits to employees who fit within the organization, and employees will more likely be satisfied if they perceive that they are indeed appropriate. It defended the management who tried hard over the selection of new employees to find candidates who not only has the ability, experience and motivation to excel, but also an appropriate value system (compatible) with the organization's value system.Managers should be interested in the attitudes of their employees because of the attitude of giving warning of potential problems and because attitudes affect behavior.

7 Parts to Planning a Productive and Successful Promotional Campaign

When planning a promotional campaign in mind that a general campaign consists of three desired outcomes:

Result 1: Your promotional message reaches your target audience and target.

Result 2: Enter your message is understood by your audience.

Outcome 3: His message stimulates the receptors and act.

The question is how do you achieve these results with your campaign? The process is easy, but it takes "planning" time.

Here are seven steps that will get their campaign off to the right start.

Sensation : Crazy Marketing Ideas

Crazy Idea Marketing, these words remind me of a national motivator (Indonesia), namely Tung Desem Waringin (TDW). But, I am writing this time had nothing to do with TDW, although there are some explanations about the marketing techniques from him. What is the meaning of the title above? Mad means less sane, other than others or draw attention. Then if the different is crazy? Can ya, can not, here crazy in the sense of one's expression of admiration due to excellence in other acts than others.

Crazy Marketing Ideas, in brief can be interpreted as another idea than the other in marketing strategy, or it can be regarded as different ways to promote something. Consciously or unconsciously, we've seen gile marketing ideas, either on television or in everyday life, whether in politics, law especially in the business world. This time I'll tell you about Crazy Marketing Ideas that have anything to do with the business world.

A business, whatever it would need promotions to be successful, without promoting it like a business, such as roads in place and has no purpose. Promotional techniques that exist today as if it had cleared and all the tricks already in use, so that a new business would not want to use promotion techniques that already exist. For that, it takes someone who is "crazy" that could divulge the secrets and give an idea about an unusual marketing technique.

Demo Making BubbleLink CSS 3

Bubblelink is a design menu / links using CSS3 and to beautify your website.Immediately wrote the demo here:
Because bubblelink using CSS 3, I recommend seeing this demo with browsers that support CSS 3 (google chrome).